Prof. Jana Fibírová has been awarded the French State Decoration

Prof. Jana Fibírová has been awarded the French State Decoration, becoming the Knight of the Order of Academic Palms (Ordre des Palmes académiques). Prof. Jana Fibirová has been working at the Department of Managerial Accounting, at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting and since 1991 she has also been active in the French-Czech Institute of Management (IFTG) at the University of Economics, Prague. On February 26, 2019, the French State honours “Chevalier dans l’Orére des Palmes Académies” was handed over to her by Luc Lévy in the Bukwerk Palace.

France is one of a few countries in the world which grants state awards for activities in the pedagogical field. The Order of Academic Palmas was founded in 1808 by Napoleon Bonaparte as recognition of how important education is for society. Nowadays, the Order of Academic Palmas is awarded by the French Prime Minister by suggestion of the Minister of Education.

The University of Economics, Prague plays an extraordinary role in the development of university relations with France, thanks to the management of the French-Czech Institute. It is the only educational institute in the Czech Republic which focuses on the education of francophonic managers and offers an MBA program in French.

Prof. Jana Fibirová has become the third “knight” at VŠE. In 1996, the award was granted to the IFTG Director, today’s Rector Prof. Hana Machková, in 1999 to Prof. Stanislava Hronová and today the honour has been received by Prof. Fibírová.

The ceremony was attended by a number of prominent personalities, such as the Dean of our partner university Iaelyon, School of Management Christian Varinard, Vice Dean for International Relations Anass Nidam, Director of MBA Master Management et Administration des Entreprises Michel Wissler, Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting Ladislav Mejzlík and also representatives of the diplomatic corps.

We would hereby want to cordially congratulate Prof. Fibírová!