Rector’s Sports Day: Faculty of Management Won Faculty Battle

Rector’s Sports Day was an opportunity to take a break from study duties, do something for your body and have fun with classmates and friends. Instead of teaching, which was canceled on Wednesday, April 27, the Prague University of Economics and Business prepared a sports and entertainment program for students and teachers. In addition to sports tournaments in tennis, football, etc., there was also a walk through Prague’s forest parks or the Sázava river rafting. In the Jarov dormitory complex, there took place first year of the Faculty Battle at the same time.

The faculty competition in non-traditional disciplines was won by the Faculty of Management, whose representatives thus became the first holders of the Rector’s Cup. Faculty representatives competed in three disciplines right in front of the stage. The duel of faculty representatives in the agility and hammering of nails was the discipline “Knock in a nail“, in the “Bring sally up” students competed in push-ups. And during the Atlas of Powerlifting, the strongest men were measured in the load shifting. The winner helped his faculty with 150 points, the second 100 and the third 50.
Anyone who arrived in Jarov could gain points and support their faculty in other less demanding disciplines, such as super softball, crazy stilts, goal shooting or lasergame – biathlon. In the end of the day, the graduates of the University – the band Jokers and DJ Diplomatiq – diversified the day.

We thank the event partners for refreshments and gifts to the competition: Decathlon, Bowling Radava, Staropramen, Uniqway and Adidas Runners.
The event was organized by the Centre for Physical Education and Sport of VŠE, the Event Center and the Facilities Management Department.