European University Association (EUA) has elected new president

This year’s EUA Annual Conference was hosted by the Sorbonne University in Paris. The EUA is the largest European university association, which currently represents 850 members from 47 countries. The new EUA President, prof. Michael Murphy, former President of the University College Cork of Ireland, and six new Board members have been elected. The EUA Board will work in the following composition:

– Paul Boyle, Swansea University (UK), Vice-President

– Josep Garrell, University of Ramon Llull (Spain), Rector

– Patrick Lévy, University of Grenoble-Alpes (France), President

– Hana Machková, University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic, Rector

– Marcin Pałys, University of Warsaw, Poland, Rector

– Martine Rahier, University of Neuchatel, (Switzerland), former Rector

– Mari Sundli Tveit, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Norway), Rector

– Franceso Ubertini, University of Bologna, Italy, Rector

Members of the European University Association are both individual universities and their representations. There are a total of 33 national rectors’ conferences, 800 European universities operating in the European Higher Education Area and 25 associate members from non-European countries. There are 17 million students studying at the universities, which are members of the EUA. Therefore, the EUA has a considerable influence on higher education and is an official consultant to the European Commission e.g. for programs Horizon 2020 or Erasmus +.