The rector of VŠE was elected to the head of the Czech Association of MBA Schools

A new chair was elected for a five-year term at the plenary session of the Czech Association of MBA Schools (CAMBAS). Prof. Hana Machková, rector of the University of Economics, Prague was elected chairwoman, Pavel Mertlík, Rector of Škoda Auto University became vice chairman. The members of the chair will also include Prof. Martin Macháček (VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava) and Prof. Petr Záruba (Prague International Business School). Prof. Hana Machková replaced prof. Milan Malý from the Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Economics.

CAMBAS has been operating in the Czech Republic since 1998. Its main mission is to provide, maintain and further develop a high level of MBA studies in the Czech Republic. CAMBAS is a member of the international association EQUAL, which associates accreditation agencies operating in the field of management study programs.

CAMBAS members are public universities and private educational institutions that offer accredited MBA and/or DBA programs. Since 2016, CAMBAS has opened the possibility of membership to non-accredited entities, not only to educational institutions, but also to employers of graduates or professional associations. Nowadays, CAMBAS is not only an accreditation institution for MBA programs, but also a professional discussion platform that aims to improve the quality of continuous education and environment cultivation programs on the MBA market in the Czech Republic.

VŠE is currently the largest provider of MBA programs in the Czech Republic. For a long time now we are unhappy with the situation in the Czech Republic, where MBA courses are not regulated, even though the MBA title is widely. I would like to help make CAMBAS accreditation a guarantee of quality for both prospective students and employers. Accreditation should play an important role in deciding which school and which MBA program is chosen from a broad and often confusing list of MBA programs, of diverse quality. The choice of CAMBAS accredited program means that the content of the study complies with international standards,” pointed out the new chairwoman of CAMBAS.