Virtual tropical islands hosted job fair for students VŠE

Twice a year, in the past, VŠE hosted the popular and widely attended Šance (Chance) Job Fair. This year, for obvious reasons, this tradition was followed by the virtual fair – Šance Islands. Those interested in news on the labor market and representatives of employers met untraditionally in the 3D world of tropical islands. The fair took place from 20th until 22nd April with the participation of more than a hundred exhibitors and the interest of two thousand five hundred registered visitors.

Thanks to the virtual environment, even in times of limited social contacts, students could contact Czech or international companies and institutions, find new contacts, get an idea of their future career, but also, for example, consult a CV, participate in coaching, etc.

According to the feedback from students and exhibitors, we know that both groups appreciate the opportunity to join the virtual fair anytime and from anywhere. Another no less important benefit of the virtual form of the fair is the reduction of the environmental burden. Thanks to the positive feedback, we already know that we did not organize a similar event in a virtual environment for the last time. We also have new ideas for innovations in the virtual world of Šance Islands and we look forward to presenting them next time, “concludes Martin Rey, Director of the Development and Conselling Centre at VŠE.

The virtual environment of tropical islands was created for the University by the Czech company Confer-O-Matic.