VŠE graduates succeeded in the Top Czech Women 2020 Awards

In the 16th year of the Top Czech Women 2020 Awards, organized by the Economia media, VŠE graduates prevailed in all categories. The competition has three main categories (Businesswoman, Manager, Public Sector) and a special Start-Up category. The selection criteria for the main categories according to which the expert jury evaluates the nominated women are their influence, performance, business story and social contribution. In the Start-Up category, innovation, the ability to reach investors and growth potential are evaluated. In the main categories, 25 women are always awarded and the first 3 places are announced by name. We are very happy that in all categories there is at least one VŠE graduate among the Top 3. We especially appreciate the success in the category of Businesswoman and Manager, where VŠE has 100% representation.

TOP Czech Women 2020:


  1. Radka Prokopová – co-owner and executive director of Alca plast (VŠE)
  2. Simona Kijonková – founder and owner of Zásilkovna (VŠE)
  3. Martina Vítková – co-owner and financial director of NWT (VŠE)


  1. Daniela Pešková – member of the Board of Directors of Česká spořitelna (VŠE)
  2. Kateřina Jirásková – financial director of PPF (VŠE)
  3. Klára Brachtlová – general director of TV Nova (VŠE)

Public Sector

  1. Eva Zažímalová – President of the Czech Academy of Sciences
  2. Zlata Holušová – founder and director of Colors of Ostrava
  3. Eva Zamrazilová – Chairwoman of the Czech Fiscal Council (VŠE)


  1. Michaela Matějková, founder of Skinners
  2. Jana Hlavsová, founder of Fondee
  3. Gabriela Takáčová, founder of Recombee (VŠE)

Among the winners are also ladies who are active at VŠE, namely prof. Hana Machková, Rector of VŠE, and doc. Eva Zamrazilová, lecturer at the Faculty of Economics (Top 25 Women in the Public Sector). Ms. Diana Rádl Rogerová, Managing Partner at Deloitte (Top 25 Women Managers) is a member of the Internal Evaluation Board.