24th International Conference: Theortical and Practical Aspects of Public Finance /12.-13. 4./

The main thematic focus of the conference is on public finance, public sector economics and public policies. The conference “Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Public Finance” has been held annually in March/April since 1996. This year, the converence is taking place on April 12-13.

The conference is organised by the Faculty of Finance and Accounting of the University of Economics, Prague in a collaboration with the Association of Public Economics (participants are Czech and Slovak university-based expert institutes). The conference is attended primarily by researchers and PhD students from the Czech and Slovak universities. However, also decision-makers from central government bodies attend regularly. On a smaller scale researchers and practitioners from neighbouring and other countries – notably Hungary, Slovenia and Poland – participate. The conference always includes a plenary section and several thematic sections.

As part of the conference, separate student section for bachelor and master students is being held; however, papers from the student section are not included in the final proceedings.

Two separate proceedings are published in connection with the conference: proceedings of abstracts and proceedings of contributions. Beginning with 2012, the proceedings of contributions is being published exclusively in English.