Building operations in the week between semesters (4 – 12 February 2023)

Sunday regime (access for staff only 8:00 – 16:00) and tempering of all buildings in the Zizkov and Jižní Město campus.

On Wednesday 13 September, the Rector’s College discussed the regime measures, which will be in force from 1 October 2022 for the duration of the 2022/2023 winter semester. The aim of the measures is to save energy costs, which according to the calculations of the Bursar are in the hundreds of thousands of crowns per day, while minimally interfering with teaching and examinations. The schedule for the winter semester remains unchanged. Regime measures concern individual buildings so that sufficient capacity remains for full-time teaching and examinations. Nevertheless, teaching and examinations will need to be planned more efficiently (planning examination dates in the morning and afternoon, pooling examination dates, not reserving capacity unnecessarily, etc.). The biggest constraints concern the Old Building, which is the least energy-optimal, where heating will be limited at selected times. The hot water supply will be restricted throughout the College.

Thanks to the measures adopted, the management of the VŠE expects savings in the order of millions of crowns, and at the same time it is committed to the requirement to maintain full-time teaching and testing as much as possible. InSIS will be set up so that unheated rooms will not be offered for reservation. With the restriction of the New Building on Friday afternoons and weekends, there is also a restriction on office hours, including consultation hours.

At the same time, we thank all staff and students for their understanding and encourage them also to take normal energy saving measures that everyone can do to help manage the current energy situation.