Česká spořitelna continues to be the general partner of VŠE in 2019

Today at the headquarters of Česká spořitelna, the rector of VŠE Hana Machková signed a cooperation agreement with Česká spořitelna, the general partner of VŠE. Attending the signing were, among others, a member of the board Pavel Kráčmar and the director of municipal finance department Milan Hašek, a graduate of the Faculty of International Relations.

Česká spořitelna has been the general partner of VŠE for 17 years and cooperation with this insitution is absolutely vital for VŠE,” said the rector of VŠE Hana Machková. “Česká spořitelna supports several our projects. For example, it financially supports scientific journals, conferences, student associations, foreign cooperation and large social events such as VŠE Ball, Alumni Evening, or a talent competition for students VŠE’s Got Talent,” she added.

Cooperation with Česká spořitelna is very intense on a non-financial level as well. Česká spořitelna is a major employer of VŠE graduates, provides VŠE students internships opportunities, its experts give lectures at the university and regularly help with theses. We are also delighted that Gernot Mittendorfer, former CEO of Česká spořitelna, now a member of the board of the parent company Erste Group, is a member of the International Advisory Board VŠE.