Despite coronavirus: 744 VŠE students abroad in 2020

In 2020, 744 VŠE students went on an Exchange Programme or Internship abroad, and at the same time, VŠE welcomed 499 students from its partner universities abroad. Despite the unfavourable situation caused by the global pandemic, there was only 30% decrease in students sent abroad compared to 2019.

Most students went to Germany (70), France (68) and Austria (57) last year. However, students also set off to destinations further away, including North and Latin America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Even though the instructions were conducted mostly online during the last year, students evaluated their studies or internships abroad as an invaluable personal and academic experience. Their stories and photographs are published on the website Erasmus during the Corona Times, on Instagram and Facebook.

In the Spring semester 2021, almost 330 students are going to the VŠE’s partner universities across the world, of which more than 60 have already left. At the same time, almost 200 students from abroad are planning to spend the next semester at VŠE. The VŠE International Office is also currently preparing the Exchange Programme Abroad for the AY 2021/2022,as the applications for VŠE students open already in February. More information about the Exchange Programme Abroad can be found here.