Enjoy summer on go. Rent car from the Uniqway fleet

Uniqway student carsharing was not stopped even by coronavirus restrictions. On the contrary, the service continues to work and the unexpected situation has even contributed to the development of several practical innovations. Those interested in using the service can now register from the comfort of their home. The fleet of cars that students and employees of Prague universities can borrow has grown with the ŠKODA CITIGOe iV electric car. There are twenty-three cars available for the summer.

During the coronavirus pandemic, universities and thus Uniqway registration spots were closed. “We were thus logically forced to accelerate the development of a complete online registration. Which was successful and we launched the system in recent weeks, “explains Marie Stuchlíková, a member of the Uniqway marketing team. Another summer innovation is the ŠKODA CITIGOe iV electric car. Thanks to it, Uniqway offers users a new direction of mobility: environmental friendliness and sustainability.

The priority of Uniqway remains the safety of users, of whom there are almost 3,000 since the service was launched in 2018. “All cars in operation are regularly disinfected and ozone generators are used to clean the interiors. Sufficient disinfectant gels are always prepared for users in each car and at the same time they are instructed on how to protect themselves and their surroundings,” describes Tereza Lukůvková, a member of the Uniqway marketing team.

About Uniqway:

Students from three Prague universities – the University of Economics, Prague, the Czech Technical University and the Czech University of Life Science – developed and in 2018 launched a unique Europe-wide Uniqway car sharing concept. The carsharing platform is available to students and univer-sity teachers. Drivers with cars have driven over 450,000 km. The conditions for the service to arise were created by ŠKODA AUTO ČR and ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab. Students from the University of Economics, Prague are responsible for market-ing strategy and communication, students from the Czech Technical University have invented the entire technical concept and design of the service and students from the Czech University of Life Science take care of its operation. More information about the service, including the price list, can be found at www.uniqway.cz.