New coworking space Idea Fair at VŠE is open!

Today, on Tuesday 13 February 2024, the opening ceremony of the new coworking space Idea Fair, located on the 1st floor of the Old Building, took place at the Prague University of Economics and Business. This space is designed for studying, coffee, networking and team projects and its opening attracted a wide range of guests and students of the VŠE.

Rector Petr Dvořák gave the opening speech and emphasized the importance of the new space for students and staff. Next, architect Jakub Heidler from Studio Reaktor, the company behind the design of the coworking space, addressed the attendees. In his speech, he pointed to the inspiration of old marketplaces and the vision of free exchange of ideas that is crucial for these spaces.

In his speech, the Rector also stressed the importance of looking to the future, pointing out that this is one of the first coworking spaces within a university in the Czech Republic, which underlines the innovative approach of the VŠE to education and collaboration.

Another important speaker was Mr. Václav Šubrta, Director of the Centre for Information and Library Services (CIKS), who thanked everyone involved in the preparation and implementation of the project. His words were a warm thank you for the joint work and commitment that led to the creation of a space that promotes creativity and collaboration.

The Idea Fair coworking space was funded as part of the Czech Recovery Plan project and its opening is a significant step towards the further development of the VŠE. The ceremony ended with a ribbon-cutting ceremony that symbolically opened the doors to all students and employees of the VŠE who will find a place for their study and professional activities.

We are looking forward to all those who decide to use the new coworking space to implement their ideas and projects. We believe that Idea Fair will become a place full of inspiration, where new ideas will be born and where everyone will find space for their personal and professional growth.

New coworking space Idea Fair at VŠE is open!