Rector’s Order to reduce risk of coronavirus infection (COVID-19)

Dear colleagues/Dear students,
We would like to inform you about the Rector’s Order No. 01/2020 to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection (COVID-19). The order is concerning arrivals from risk areas. VŠE applies a 14-day restriction of access to its campuses (Žižkov, Jižní město, Faculty of Management in Jindřichův Hradec) for persons who have returned from China, Hong Kong, Iran, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, or Italy: Lombardy (Milan), Venet, Emilia Romagna (Bologna), Piemont (Turin), Trentino Alto Adige (Trento and the Alps).
All students and employees who have returned from risk areas since February 17, 2020 are kindly requested to report this fact by email to: Please give your name and surname, telephone, faculty, place of residence abroad, date of return, place of residence in the Czech Republic. Students staying in dormitories shall also announce the name of their dormitory, their room and inform the head of the dormitory.
Employees are obliged to inform their supervisors immediately.
Students will be excused from classes for 14 days. Students must prove their presence in a risk area (e.g. by air ticket, proof of accommodation or affidavit). Students staying in dormitories are requested to spend their quarantine at home. If this is impossible, they will be moved to the separate rooms with quarantine regime at the Blanice dormitory (in Prague) or at the Švecova dormitory in Jindřichův Hradec (students of the Faculty of Management).
If symptoms of illness occur, contact your doctor or health center (+420 733 673 949, at night: +420 733 673 900).
We ask everyone for the most responsible approach. Until stabilization of the situation, please consider the need for business and private trips abroad. If you travel abroad, you should register to the DROZD system (MFA registration system for citizens abroad):