Study two-year Master in Quantitative Economic Analysis at Faculty of Informatics and Statistics

The University of Economics, Prague offers 10 Master’s programmes. We are introducing all of them on the website during February and March. The Open House Day of Master’s Programmes taught in English will be held in Rajská Building/Rajská budova (RB) on Wednesday, March 13, 2019.

Quantitative Economic Analysis (QEA) is a two-year English-taught master´s degree programme available at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics (FIS) of VŠE. It is meant for those who see their professional future in statistical data analysis, economic modelling and forecasting or operational research, either in private companies or public sector.

  • The unemployment rate of graduates of our faculty is less then 0,9 %.
  • Our graduates have the highest starting salary of all VŠE alumni.

QEA Curriculum
To successfully complete the whole curriculum (120 ECTS credits), it is necessary to take eleven compulsory courses (totalling 60 ECTS), several elective courses (for 15 ECTS), a minor specialization (several courses totalling 30 ECTS), two final state exams (9 ECTS) and prepare a master´s thesis (6 ECTS).
The key areas of study are statistics, econometrics, decision analysis and operational research. Within the minor specialization, students will get a deeper knowledge of insurance mathematics.
There is also an optional study abroad component: the third QEA semester can be completed at a university abroad, usually within the VŠE exchange programme.

Speaking about the Quantitative Economic Analysis program; it is challenging but I am really enjoying my studies. The practical seminars included in most courses really show you how the theory can be applied to real life scenarios. The professors have a high level of English and are some of the top academics in their respective fields in Central Europe which is something I really appreciate. I have met and worked with many people from different countries which is always really exciting.“ (Sean, Canada, QEA graduate 2018)

Applications for 2019/20
Those interested in starting QEA in September 2019 need to submit their application by April 30, 2019. Applicants have to be ready to complete an online application, pay a fee of 50 EUR and send a set of documents, including e.g. a transcript of records, proof of English language knowledge, CV and a recommendation letter.
The next stage of the admission process will be a long-distance exam consisting of interpreting a small set of statistical data and outputs from statistical software programs or similar and returning it per e-mail.

Tuition fee
As in the case of most of international programmes at VŠE, the QEA tuition fee is 3.800 EUR/academic year.

Important dates

  • Deadline for applications: April 30, 2019
  • Admission exam: May 10-12, 2019
  • VŠE´s Open House day: March 13, 2019

Contact person

We are looking forward to seeing you among QEA students!