The English taught Master’s programmes have been reaccredited at Faculty of Informatics and Statistics

The Master’s programmes taught in English at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics have been reaccredited and changed starting from September 2020. The application to these programmes will be open in November 2019.

We would like to introduce to you the new Master’s programmes: Information Systems Management (ISM) and Economic Data Analysis (EDA, the former QEA and MOS programmes merged in one).


What has been changed?

  • The NEW ISM programme doesn´t include any minor specialization any more.
  • The NEW ISM programme offers more IT-oriented compulsory and elective courses.





The former Master´s programmes Quantitative Economic Analysis (QEA) and Master in Official Statistics (MOS) have been merged in one: Economic Data Analysis (EDA).

  • EDA combines the best of both programmes.
  • EDA has still two specializations: Master in Official Statistics (MOS) and Data Analysis and Modelling (DAM, former QEA).
  • EDA students choose their specialization during their first semester.
  • EDA students can either take part in an intership (MOS) or in an exchange semester (DAM, optional).
  • EDA´s specialization MOS has been internationally accredited with the EMOS label, awarded by the European Statistical Commmittee.