VŠE preventive measures to reduce risk of coronavirus infection: Lessons are canceled on March 9 and 10

Dear colleagues/Dear students,
Today, there was a notice to the address of karantena@vse.cz that a student of the University of Economics, Prague came to contact with an infected person. The student is currently in quarantine and is waiting for the results of the tests, which should be announced tomorrow (March 10, 2020). We forwarded the information to the Hygienic Authority of the City of Prague and we are waiting for a response.
For preventive reasons, the Rector of the University of Economics, Prague decided to cancel the lessons from 16:15 on March 9, 2020. On Tuesday, March 10 2020, the school will be closed all day (Žižkov campus and Jižní Město) and disinfection of all premises will be applied. The student is in home quarantine, does not live in the dormitories. The next steps will depend on the student’s test results and the decision of the Hygiene Authority. Please follow the school website.