VŠE scores in the QS World University Rankings by Subject

VŠE scores in the prestigious QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019. In the Czech Republic, it ranked first in the Accounting & Finance category and second in Economics & Econometrics.

QS World University Rankings by Subject is important for universities that specialize only in selected areas of education. The QS publishes the exact order of the top 50 universities, ranging order is used for the others. In 2019, a total of 1,222 universities from 153 countries were included in the ranking, and the evaluation was conducted in 48 areas of education.

VŠE repeatedly scores in the field of Economics and Econometrics. Compared to 2018, when it ranked 251-300, VŠE improved its ranking in 2019 and currently ranked 201-250.

I am very glad that VŠE has been successful for the first time in the Accounting and Finance category, where we ranked 201-250. It is especially thanks to the very good name of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting among the professional public, and also thanks to improving the quality of publishing activities of our teachers,“ highlighted Prof. Hana Machková, the Rector of the University of Economics, Prague. “I appreciate this evaluation all the more knowing we have been evaluated as the best college in the Czech Republic in the field of Accounting and Finance,” the Rector added.

The QS World University Rankings by Subject uses four qualitative criteria to rank individual universities by subject. The first two criteria evaluate the international reputation of the university in the context of academia (academic reputation), as well as among employers (employer reputation). The other two indicators focus on the quality of academic research. The first of these last two criteria is the research citation per paper, which assesses the number of citations per teacher, published during the past 5 years, in the Scopus database. The other criterion is the h-index, which is a renowned methodological tool for assessing academic paper reviews.

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