VŠE’s Dr. Garlick Leads the ‘European Hub for Contemporary China’ Initiative

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Jeremy Alan Garlick, a prominent member of the Faculty of International Relations, has been awarded a prestigious grant from Horizon Europe for an innovative project, “European Hub for Contemporary China.” 

About the Project 

The “European Hub for Contemporary China” aims to establish a comprehensive digital platform that consolidates knowledge and research on contemporary China. The project seeks to connect a network of experts, scholars, and institutions across Europe, fostering collaboration and promoting a deeper understanding of China’s role in the modern world. 

Dr. Garlick, renowned for his extensive research and expertise on China, will play a pivotal role in steering this project towards success. 

Impact and Significance 

This grant and the subsequent project underscore VŠE’s commitment to fostering international research collaborations and contributing to global knowledge networks. The “European Hub for Contemporary China” is destined to become a vital resource for scholars, policymakers, businesses and anyone interested in China’s global impact. 

We are excited about the potential of this project and are confident that it will significantly contribute to the understanding of contemporary China in Europe. We look forward to sharing updates and successes as the project progresses. 

For more information about Dr. Jeremy Alan Garlick and his work, you can watch the video below.  

Congratulations to Dr. Garlick on this remarkable achievement. The VŠE community is proud to support and celebrate the success of our faculty members in their scholarly endeavors.