Vice-Rector for Development and Corporate Relations

Ota Novotný

Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE)



1996      Ing., VŠE, in Information Technologies

2003      Ph.D., VŠE, in Informatics

2009      doc., VŠE, in Information Technologies


1998 – now          VŠE, Department of Information Technologies

2015 – 2022        VŠE, xPORT Business Accelerator

Academic positions

2013 – now          Head of Department of Information Technologies, VŠE

2019 – now          Academic director of MBA program Data and Analytics for Business Management powered by KPMG, VŠE

Professional Activities

2002 – 2009        representative of the Czech Republic in ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7 Software and systems engineering.
2002 – 2007       editor of international standard ISO/IEC 25021 Measurement primitives

2006 – 2008        team member of the grant project GAČR reg. no. GA201 / 06/0175 Modification of the IT management models

2007 – 2010        team leader of the GAČR grant project reg. No. GA201 / 07/0455 Model of the relationship between business performance, the efficiency of business processes, and efficiency of business informatics

2008 – 2010        team member of the grant project reg. No. GA201 / 08/0663 Innovation of information systems supporting the competitiveness of companies

2010 – 2012        team member grant project reg. No. GAČR P403 / 10/0092 Advanced principles and models of business informatics management

2010 – 2016        member of the Board of the ALFA TAČR subprogram

2014 – 2016        team leader of the grant project reg. No. TAČR TA04011691 Automated extraction of business rules with a feedback loop

2014 – 2020        chairman of the EPSILON TAČR field panel for mathematics, statistics, informatics, and social sciences, including economics

Membership in Scientific Councils

2014 – now         Membership in the scientific council FIS VŠE

2017 – now         Membership in the scientific council FIM UHK

2022 – now         Membership in the scientific council VŠPP

Publication Activity

Author and co-author of 12 monographs and textbooks, more than 70 articles in the Czech and foreign professional journals, conference proceedings, and newspapers.

Professional Interest

Data analytics, innovations, startups

Language skills

English, Spanish