The prestige of VŠE scientific journals increases

21 Jun

Recently published rankings of the impact factor (IF) for 2015, according to JCR Social Sciences; and which were included in the Web of Knowledge; represent a significant achievement for the scientific journals Political Economy and Prague Economic Papers, which are published by the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE).

In 2015, Political Economy, achieved an IF of 0.904 (in 2014 it had an IF of 0.650). It is the best result since 1998, when the magazine was first evaluated within impact journals. The journal, Prague Economic Papers , received an IF rating of 0.825 (in 2014 it had a rating of 0.500), which is the best result for its IF rating in the journal’s six year history.

Of the 11 national impact journals which were evaluated in the same area of social sciences, Political Economy was awarded an excellent third place, while Prague Economic Papers took fourth position. Regarding their impact factor value, both journals are listed among the top journals in the area of social sciences in the Czech Republic.

In the ranking of 344 impact journals in the area of social sciences – Economics, in the Web of Knowledge, Political Economy took 158th position (last year it came 207th) and Prague Economic Papers finished at 175th position (compared to 241st place last year).

These achievements contribute to the great reputation of the University of Economics in the field of scientific publishing. Special thanks go to the chairs of the executive boards of both journals: Prof. Ing. Martin Mandel, PhD., and Prof. Ing. Josef Arlt, PhD., executive consultants, authors, reviewers and editors of the scientific journals. A considerable role in the success of both magazines is also played by the continuing support from the leadership of the VSE.