A group of 40 Ukrainian children with special needs and their parents visited VŠE

On Friday, February 3, 2023, the Prague University of Economics and Business was visited by a group of 40 Ukrainian children and their parents from the town of Vinnitsa, who came to the Czech Republic to the town of Sázava for a two-week convalescent stay. As these are children with special needs who require full-time assistance, the opportunity for a rehabilitation and convalescent stay outside of Ukraine was a welcome change for all the families in their current difficult situation, which is difficult even in times of peace.

The visit to Prague and the Prague University of Economics and Business was arranged for them by Professor Ludmila Chizhevska from the University of Zhytomyr, who worked at VŠE from March to September 2022 and who organised the entire convalescent stay for the Ukrainian children.
During the visit, the children had the opportunity to use the barrier-free environment of the school, to see its premises and to have lunch together in the Vencovsky Club. The day trip to Prague also included a visit to the Technical Museum on Letná and a walk through Letná Gardens with a view of Prague.