Czech universities on visit to Estonia

At the end of September, a delegation of Czech universities and representatives of the Czech National Agency (DZS) visited the Estonian National Agency for the Erasmus+ program in Tallinn. The event was attended by 15 representatives of universities from the Czech Republic, with the participation of Ing. Radka Vaváková from the VŠE International Office.

The central topic of the meeting with the National Agency and three Estonian universities—Tallinn University of Technology, Estonian Academy of Arts, and University of Tartu—was the digitalization of processes within the Erasmus+ program.

The participants of the event were able to share with their foreign colleagues their experiences with the Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) project, digital signing of inter-institutional contracts, or the Online Learning Agreement tool. The visit included the opportunity to get an insight into the processes of the international departments of Estonian universities, the organization of the selection and sending of students and staff on mobility abroad, or the IT tools used for Erasmus+ project management.