VŠE Offers Various Forms of Assistance to Ukrainian Students

Updated on March 15, 2022

In connection with the situation in Ukraine, the Prague University of Economics and Business and its faculties will provide the following forms of assistance:

  1. VŠE will provide accommodation for refugees from Ukraine, who are family members of VŠE students, on its premises in Točná. The capacity of this accommodation facility is 25 people. Please send applications to the Chancellor of VŠE, doc. Mgr. Andrej Tóth, Ph.D. (kancler@vse.cz). ALL CAPACITY IS ALREADY FILLED.
  2. VŠE is ready to accept a total of 40 Ukrainian students (25 students in Prague + 15 students at the Faculty of Management in Jindřichův Hradec, South Bohemia) to study in Czech or English, who will not be able to continue studying economic study programmes at Ukrainian universities due to the situation in Ukraine, and provide them with a scholarship to cover study costs and stay in the Czech Republic. A scholarship of CZK 15,000 per month will be paid to refugees from the moment they are admitted to VŠE until the end of August 2022. Subsequently, VŠE will provide a solution so that these student refugees can continue their studies in the next academic year. Contact: kancler@vse.cz. – ALL VŠE CAPACITY IS ALREADY FILLED. If you are interested in studying economics, business, management and related programmes, you can also contact other Prague universities, more details are available HERE, or other Czech universities outside of Prague, more details are available HERE.
  3. Current Ukrainian students of VŠE, who lose their financial support from their families, can apply to the Dean of their faculty for a one-time special scholarship (the application is submitted via InSIS).
  4. Students who would need psychological help as a result of the trauma caused by the war can turn to the Academic Psychological Counselling, which will give them such help as a matter of priority. Students can write at ac@vse.cz and then receive specific information and the date, time and name of the advisor who will be dedicated to them at the given time.
  5. In case of study questions and problems, students can contact their study assistants or vice-deans for study.
  6. Students can also turn to their fellow students – members of the Academic Senate of VŠE – for support and help in this difficult situation:

Important links

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