VŠE will support holiday stays for Ukrainian children

In August 2022, the Centre for Physical Education and Sport (CTVS) organizes two summer camps for the children of VŠE employees. A total of four Ukrainian children signed up for a summer residential camp in the beautiful surroundings of the Lusatian Mountains. These are the daughters of visiting professors aged ten and eleven and two sisters of VŠE students, who are accommodated as part of assistance to refugees in the VŠE training centre in Točná. These girls are fourteen and fifteen years old. The mothers from Točná registered their five younger children for the suburban camp, and at the end of August two nine-year-old girls and three Ukrainian boys aged eight, nine and ten will play sports on the VŠE campus in Třebešín.

“I believe that holidays together with Czech children will be beneficial for everyone. They will help Ukrainian refugees to spend a carefree holiday week in the company of Czech children under the professional guidance of physical education teachers. And even though most of “our” Ukrainian children already attend Czech primary schools properly (some continue also in the form of online teaching provided by Ukrainian teachers), we have known since Comenius times that “school by play” is the best way to integrate. Czech children will then have the opportunity to meet peers from other backgrounds and learn in a natural way about the fate of children who had to leave their homes and without the help of VŠE they would be in a much more difficult situation today”, adds the Vice-Rector for International Relations Prof. Hana Machková, who is responsible for a project to help Ukrainian refugees at VŠE.

The costs of holiday stays will be covered from the transparent account of the financial collection organized by the Prague University of Economics and Business.