Almost 480 VŠE Students are Going Abroad during Winter Semester

Nearly 480 VŠE students will not come to the auditoriums in Žižkov or Jižní Město this September, as they have decided to spend the upcoming fall semester either as an intern abroad or as an exchange student at one of our 250 partner universities.

First students have already set off on the journey to their host countries mainly in North and Latin America, northern Europe or France, as their semester has already started during August. You can follow their stories through our regular student reposts either on our Instagram vse_studyabroad or Facebook VSE Study Abroad. Just like in previous semesters, outgoing students will again have the opportunity to present their foreign university and share their experience through popular takeovers on the International Office´s Instagram.

Exchange destinations

The majority of students is heading to Europe, with Germany and France being repetitively the most popular countries of choice. However, about 90 students will be exploring overseas destinations – for example USA, Japan, Canada, Singapore or Mexico. Finally after two long years, borders of countries that were isolated because of the pandemic, like Australia or Taiwan, reopened and we are pleased to send some students to these destinations as well this semester.

Support of ecological transportation

Students going on Erasmus can now apply for a new form of financial support encouraging them to travel eco-friendly. To benefit from the so-called Green Erasmus, a student must opt for one of the following means of transport on their way to the exchange destination: bicycle, train, coach or carpooling.  An eligible participant receives a one-time 50 EUR grant, see the criteria here if interested.