Almost 600 Students Coming to Study at VŠE during Winter Semester

Over 320 incoming exchange students and 270 students of international full-degree programmes coming to study at VŠE during the Winter Semester 2021 joined the Orientation Week which took place online between September 13–17, 2021.

The event, which has grown into a tradition over the years, is organized by the International Office. The main purpose of the Orientation Week is to help the students with their preparation for the beginning of the semester.

The Orientation Week programme consisted of a wide scope of activities, ranging from the necessary administration to more interactive sessions. In the Czech Language lecture, the students were invited to explore the beauty and learn some basics of the Czech language. During the Culture Shock session, they also learned about the theoretical background of the culture shock, its phases, and how to survive it. Everything the students needed to know about the VŠE library, online book ordering system, and e-resources, was explained during the Introduction to Library Services. What is certainly worth mentioning, was the History of Czech Lands Online Session, where the most important facts about the Czech history were presented.

Simultaneously, the ESN VSE Prague organization was hosting a number of face-to-face events aiming to help international students meet new friends and discover hidden gems in Prague. Moreover, international students were paired with local students within the framework of the Buddy Programme organized by ESN VSE Prague in order to support them during their stay in Prague.