Construction of new archive completed

The VŠE campus in Žižkov has expanded with another building. The six-storey modern Center for Archival and Depository Services, located at the entrance from U Rajské zahrady Street, will serve the needs of the University Library and the Legal Department. Its architecture corresponds to the original school buildings.

The idea for the creation of the archive arose twelve years ago, the actual construction began in 2018 and was completed this spring. In addition to seven hundred square meters of space for archiving documents and publications, where the temperature and humidity are maintained, the building also has a study, meeting room and six offices.

The construction of the Center for Archival and Depository Services cost 140 million crowns, the school financed 85 % of it from the system subsidy of the Ministry of Education, the rest from its own resources.

On Tuesday, May 11, the new building was inspected by the VŠE management.