Elections to the AS VŠE /24. 4. 2024/

24 Apr

Our University is preparing for an important moment in the academic year – the Academic Senate elections, which will take place online on 24 April 2024. Before then, however, we have key dates for potential candidates to submit their applications that you must not miss:

  • 5 April 2024 – Faculty of Finance and Accounting
  • 10 April 2024 – Faculty of Business Administration
  • 12 April 2024 – Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Informatics and Statistics
  • 15 April 2024 – Faculty of Management.
  • 17. 4. 2024 – Faculty of International Relations

These dates are binding for all those who wish to be candidates in the elections and therefore have the opportunity to influence the direction of the VŠE.

Each faculty represents a unique range of disciplines and specializations, which is why it is important that the representatives in Senate truly represent their diverse voices.

The Academic Senate elections are an opportunity for every student or faculty member to actively contribute to the development of our college. In today’s digital age with on-line access, the opportunities for participation are broader than ever before. Therefore, we encourage all of you to get involved and use the on-line platform to cast your vote on April 24.

All important information about the election can be found at volby.vse.cz/english

Elections to the AS VŠE /24. 4. 2024/