Information on measures taken by the VŠE crisis staff on September 1, 2020

I. Preventive measures – collective events

Graduations – in September, graduations will take place only at the Faculty of International Relations, the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics and the Faculty of Economics under the following conditions:

  • participants/guests will be required to wear a face mask or other respiratory protective equipment, students and academics may or may not wear it,
  • diploma will be handed over without hand shaking (student make a promise by bringing his/her hand closer to the sceptre and nodding his head towards the rector and the dean),
  • all graduations will be streamed in real time on the VŠE website,
  • information for graduates of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting and the Faculty of Business Administration can be found on the websites of the faculties,
  • decision about the graduations planned for October will be published after the meeting of the crisis staff on September 17, 2020.

Matriculation – in the buildings of the University, matriculation of first year bachelor´s full-time students will not take place.

Collective events of student organizations in the University´s premises – student events will be permitted by the student secretary if the following conditions are met:

  • maximum number of participants is set at 100,
  • events must be organized in classrooms which will allow a sufficient distance to be maintained between the participants of the event,
  • participants in the auditorium must wear a respiratory protective equipment,
  • student events can be organized only for VŠE students.

Conferences – in case of conferences, the organizers are obliged to provide the following measures:

  • conference must not be attended by a person with symptoms of COVID-19,
  • maximum number of all persons involved must not exceed 500,
  • participants in the auditorium must wear a respiratory protective equipment.

Social events organized by VŠE – in autumn 2020, no large events will take place, i.e. Alumni Evening VŠE (Absolventský večer), VŠE Ball, VŠE Talent are cancelled.

Trade fairs – the job fair ŠANCE will take place as planned in the week from October 12, but will be spread over several days.

Alumni Wednesdays (Absolventské středy) – the organizers are obliged to provide the following measures:

  • event must not be attended by a person with symptoms of COVID-19,
  • maximum number of participants is set at 100,
  • participants in the auditorium must wear a respiratory protective equipment.

II. Preventive measures – operation of service workplaces for students

Study departments – the crisis staff recommends using all available tools to reduce the need for personal visits of students to the study department. In the case of a personal visit, students and study assistants/coordinators are obliged to wear a face mask or other respiratory protective equipment.

Library – no restrictions.

Canteen and other catering facilities – increased hygienic measures were taken according to the regulations and recommendations of the central authorities (table distances, disinfection, cutlery packaging, etc.). In the AV Gastro (canteen Italská), the opening hours will be extended from September 21 during the lunchtime period from 11 am.

Dormitory – the Department for the Administration of Facilities has implemented these measures against the spread of COVID-19.

III. Preventive measures – teaching

Obligation of employees and students to submit a negative result of the RT-PCR test – employees and students who entered the Czech Republic from August 25, 2020, either from high-risk countries (see the list of the Ministry of Health) or are nationals of these high-risk countries, after entering the Czech Republic, must undergo an RT-PCR test for the presence of SARS CoV-2 and are subject to restrictions on free movement in the Czech Republic. VŠE employee (including visiting professors) is obliged to submit the test result to his/her superior, student will send a scanned document to his/her study assistant (coordinator of the foreign language study program) by e-mail. Foreign nationals (employees and students) are then required to undergo a second test 14 days after entering the Czech Republic. More info:

Consultation hours – students must be fully able to use consultation hours, while the academic can choose the form of both personal participation and online. In the case of online form, it is the duty of the academic staff member to have detailed information in InSIS, on basis of which the student can use the online consultation.

Preparation for online teaching – at the beginning of the semester, all teachers will make preparations, on basis of which it will be possible to operatively switch to online teaching (establishment of groups in the Teams or Zoom platforms).

Teaching in the winter semester – possible measures will be taken according to the epidemiological situation as of September 17, 2020.

Physical education courses – courses with a high capacity of trainees, these are mainly fitness classes, functional circuit training, etc., will be divided into two shorter (45 minutes) lessons. The possibility of moving teaching to the outdoor environment will also be used to the maximum extent.

Lifelong learning courses and MBA programmes – due to the usually smaller number of participants, teaching is standard.

University of the Third Age (U3V, Prague) – courses will be offered to participants in both full-time and online form.

IV. Measures in case of COVID-19

Obligation to report illness – students and employees of the University are obliged to report COVID-19 illness at email address and to inform about persons with whom they came into closer and longer contact at school. In the case of students, the Chancellor of VŠE will forward the information to the vice-deans for academic affairs and the director of SÚZ, in the case of employees to the secretaries of faculties or heads of university-wide workplaces.

Online teaching – in case the situation requires it (larger number of people infected in a given course, quarantine of a teacher), the dean may decide to switch to online teaching of the course, the Rector decides on a widespread transition to online teaching.