Introducing the VŠE Student Intranet: All You Need to Know in One Place!

Introducing the VŠE Student Intranet: All You Need to Know in One Place!

Dear students,

We are excited to introduce you to the VŠE Student Intranet! This platform has been designed to provide you with a simple and comprehensive access to all the key information related to your studies and happenings at VŠE.

Why should you follow the Student Intranet? The Student Intranet is the place where you’ll find up-to-date information about what’s happening and what’s coming up at VŠE. The VŠE management communicates with students here, sharing plans, upcoming changes, news, rector’s program goals, and much more. Additionally, you’ll find essential information from various departments, such as the International Office or the Academic Psychological Counseling.

What can you expect on the intranet?

  • News and updates from VŠE
  • Important semester dates
  • Manuals and guides for students (e.g., course registration in Insis, Moodle manual)
  • Information about Innovation Week and other events
  • Measures and changes related to VŠE (e.g., heating, security measures)

And much more!

Stay in the loop! Want to be regularly informed about news and updates? As students you will automatically receive all the latest updates about school and events to your school e-mail! Don’t hesitate and find more there!

We believe that the Student Intranet will provide you with all the necessary information and become your regular guide during your studies at VŠE.

We look forward to your visit and feedback!

To access intranet, just click it’s icon in the top of our web page or visit directly through this link.