Looking back at Innovation Week 2023

Another Innovation Week at the VŠE took place from 6 to 10 November. During this week, students had the opportunity to attend and experience over 150 lectures and workshops. During this week, students had the opportunity to listen to ambassadors from many countries such as the USA, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines and others. Thanks to their lectures and subsequent debates, the students were able to take a look under the hood of world diplomacy and hear their opinion on various issues such as international cooperation, mobility, artificial intelligence and the current geopolitical situation.

During the week, students also had the opportunity to get a closer look at new technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual production, their challenges and the opportunities they offer. Marketing experts shared their experiences of both brand and political marketing campaigns and showed students how to think about advertising in today’s world.

Founders and managers of successful companies, often themselves graduates of the VŠE, also shared their experiences to help students better understand the practical applications of theoretical concepts and the business realities that await them after graduation.

The main aim of Innovation Week is to modernise the education at the VŠE, to strengthen its practical dimension and to make studying more attractive and enjoyable for students.

We sincerely hope that all of this was achieved this year, the acquired lecture halls were the best proof of that.