Measures of Rector following HSHMP Regulation No. 12/2020 of September 18, 2020 and valid measures of Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

Rector of the University of Economics, Prague – after a discussion in the crisis staff of VŠE on September 19 – provides for the following measures with effect from September 20, 2020:

  1. Persons with symptoms of COVID-19 and persons in quarantine are prohibited from entering the VŠE buildings. All persons are obliged to wear face masks or other protective respiratory equipment in the common areas of VŠE.
  2. Teaching in bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in the winter semester of the academic year 2020/21 begins on September 29, 2020, teaching in doctoral study programs from October 5, 2020. The semester is shortened by a week, teaching ends according to the original schedule on December 18, 2020. In connection with the postponement of the beginning of teaching, the period for changes in registrations is extended to September 21 – October 5, 2020 23:59.
  3. Teaching will take place in the online form in the period until October 31, 2020. The form of teaching after this date will be decided by the crisis staff of VŠE by October 30, 2020 at the latest.
  4. Supervisors of courses will ensure by September 25, 2020 in terms of content and technology that the courses they guarantee are prepared from September 29 (or October 1 in doctoral programs) for full-fledged teaching in online form. Students enrolled in the course will be informed about the method of teaching.
  5. Teaching in physical education courses in the period up to October 31, 2020 is canceled.
  6. Students must be fully able to use consultation hours, while the academic can choose the form of both personal participation and online. In the case of online form, it is the duty of the academic staff member to have detailed information in InSIS, on basis of which the student can use the online consultation.
  7. Students are obliged to preferentially use available tools, which do not require a personal visit to the study department, for handling their study matters (email, telephone, contact center in InSIS).
  8. All events of student organizations in the premises of VŠE are canceled until further notice.
  9. All examinations (including final state examinations) in contact form can be performed only with the participation of a maximum of 10 people, while all participants are required to wear face masks or other protective respiratory equipment. In justified cases, the dean may allow the state final examination to be performed in online form, provided that the conditions set out in Section 5 of Act No. 188/2020 Coll.
  10. Education in lifelong learning programs (including U3V) and internationally recognized courses (MUK) can take place online, in hybrid or contact form, and the supervisor of the lifelong learning program or the internationally recognized course decides on the method of implementation. Participants in contact training are required to wear face masks or other protective respiratory equipment in classrooms and to keep a safe distance. Lecturers are advised to wear a face mask or other protective respiratory device.

Operation of service workplaces

  • Library – before visiting the library, it is mandatory to use hand disinfectant, throughout the visit to the library, it is mandatory to have your mouth and nose covered with a face mask or other protective respiratory equipment and to keep a safe distance. Team study rooms are closed.
  • Canteen and other catering facilities – increased hygienic measures were taken according to the regulations and recommendations of the central authorities (table distances, disinfection, cutlery packaging, etc.). In the AV Gastro (canteen Italská), the opening hours will be extended from September 21 during the lunchtime from 11 am. The following canteens are open: AV Gastro (employee section), Pizza + Veget, Umbrella and Gastro Farao (Jarov).
  • Dormitories – the Department for the Administration of Facilities has implemented these measures against the spread of COVID-19.

Organizing some events at VŠE

  • Alumni Wednesdays (Absolventské středy) – from October 1, 2020, they will take place online.
  • Job Fair ŠANCE will take place on an alternative autumn date, if the epidemiological situation allows.
  • Conferences – in case of conferences, the organizers are obliged to provide the following measures:
    • event must not be attended by a person with symptoms of COVID-19,
    • maximum number of all participants is set at 100,
    • participants must wear a protective respiratory equipment.