Mental Health Day at VŠE /14 February 2024/

14 Feb

On 14 February, in the first week of the summer semester 2024, the first ever Mental Health Day for everyone will take place at the Prague University of Economics and Business, focusing on crisis management and other important topics related to mental health. Inspired by the need to respond to current challenges and events, this event will offer a rich programme for students and staff of the VŠE.

Event programme

For Students:

  • Opening: an introduction by the Rector of the VŠE outlining the importance of mental health and support in the educational environment.
  • Workshops and Lectures: A series of events in Czech and English will focus on practical skills for crisis management, emotional literacy, mindfulness and more.
  • REGISTRATION for workshops is required via the VŠE Student Intranet here.

For Employees:

  • First Aid Course: Led by the Czech Red Cross, will provide basic skills for responding in crisis situations.
  • Workshops: focused on emotional literacy, crisis skills and more.
  • Registration required for workshops via the Employee Intranet here.

Collaboration and Support

The aim of Mental Health Day at VŠE is to raise awareness of mental health and social safety, to show that problems are solvable and to promote the services available at VŠE to support students and staff.

Importance of the Event

The aim of Mental Health Day at the VŠE is to highlight the importance of mental health and social safety, provide practical tools for crisis management and emotional regulation, and raise awareness of the services available at the VŠE to support its students and staff.

This event provides a key platform for open discussion about mental health, offers access to professional resources, and encourages the community in mutual aid and understanding.

Mental health and social safety have long been a topic of focus at the VŠE, both through projects with other universities and through the Equal Opportunities Audit, which in 2022 also focused on students. It was from the audit that the first ideas for popularising all the different types of services and support options that VŠE offers in these areas were born. The fundamental acceleration of these ideas was then naturally led by the events at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in December, which also led us to make crisis management the theme of this year’s edition.

Pavel Hnát, Vice-Rector for Education and Quality Assurance
Mental Health Day at VŠE /14 February 2024/