Study in Prague organized evening for Ukrainian students

On the eve of the second anniversary of the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, the Study in Prague consortium of universities in Prague organized an event for its Ukrainian students.

On Friday, 23. 2. 2024, on the eve of the second anniversary of the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the consortium of Prague universities Study in Prague (AMU – Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, ČZU – Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, ČVUT – Czech Technical University in Prague, UK – Charles University, VŠCHT – University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, VŠE – Prague University of Economics and Business, UMPRUM – Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague.) held a meeting for Ukrainian students across schools. The event took place at the Hybernská Campus, in the space of the Charles University Educational Center “Didaktikon”.

The purpose of the meeting was to bring together Ukrainian students from schools associated with the Study in Prague consortium and to create an informal opportunity to establish new contacts, as well as to express support and solidarity with all those affected by this war conflict.

The evening was in a friendly and relaxed spirit, but sometimes emotions did get in the way. And no wonder. The programme of the evening reflected the personal experiences of (not only) AMU and UMPRUM students from the war in Ukraine. The programme included a performance of The Normal Life by students and interns of the Theatre Faculty of AMU, a video projection with a guided tour of the work of Dacha, and Self-Portrait by Iryna Babanina from UMPRUM. Olena Khalina from the Faculty of Music and Dance of AMU sang three operatic arias and Anastasiia Babiiuk (also from HAMU) sang a selection of Ukrainian songs across genres. This was followed by video projections by UMPRUM student Anna Ivakhno. Where are you from? and Olha Serhiivna Lysa, Viktoria Naumuk, Valeria Nesteruk, and Liubov Plavska Ghost of Wheat. The evening ended with a group of films by students of the Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts, namely Childhood, Youth, Adulthood by the collective of the FAMU Short-Term Mobility Programme, Mama by Maria Felenko and 8 and 1 Year of War by Dariia Kovalchuk.