VŠE Awarded Most Popular Teachers of 2021

For the third time, the Prague University of Economics and Business awarded the most popular teachers of all faculties. Jan Molín from the Faculty of Finance and Accounting, Martina Jiránková from the Faculty of International Relations, David Říha from the Faculty of Business Administration, Miroslava Otavová from the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, Michal Mirvald from the Faculty of Economics and Jan Závodný Pospíšil from the Faculty of Management received the award. The VŠE Teacher Award was given by the Rector to one teacher from each faculty based on a student vote in a school-wide survey in InSIS. Jan Molín, David Říha and Michal Mirvald received the title of the Teacher of the Year in all annual surveys, Martina Jiránková received this award for the second time.

The aim of this survey is to reward teachers who are popular with students. I respect pedagogues who can attract their students and understand pedagogical work as their lifelong mission. I am glad that we have a number of great teachers at the university, as evidenced by the fact that the students voted for several hundred personalities. But of course, I cordially congratulate today’s winners, who received the most votes at their parent faculties,” said the rector Prof. Hana Machková.

A total of 2,661 students voted for their favorite teacher. At least one vote received 503 teachers.