VSE nominated in two categories in the 6th annual “Czech National Agency for International Education and Research Award

On Thursday 21 March 2024, Czech National Agency for International Education and Research awarded the best projects in the field of international education during the gala evening at the Czech National Bank in Prague. Awards were given in eight categories reflecting the priority areas of education articulated by the European Commission and the national Strategy 2030+. Thus, projects competed in the categories of inclusion and diversity, sustainability, digitalization, participation, flexibility and innovation and internationalization. A special prize was also awarded to individuals in the categories of outbound and inbound mobility.

The Prague University of Economics and Business was represented in two categories in which it was nominated and shortlisted:

1. Nomination in the category “Internationalization”

The World at VSE – a ten-year tradition of Staff Training at VSE in Prague

Since 2012, the VSE International Relations Office has been organizing an annual International Staff Week for colleagues from the international departments of partner universities. For one week, an intensive programme is held for about twenty colleagues, which includes discussions and workshops focused not only on the administrative and practical aspects of student and teaching staff mobility, but also on other topics related to the internationalization of higher education. Up until now, more than 200 colleagues from partner universities from all over the world have already visited VŠE during this regular event. Hence the event undoubtedly contributes to raising awareness of the high level of international education at VSE and to improving the reputation and attractiveness of the university for international students and partners.

2. Nominations in the category “Individuals – foreign participant coming to the Czech Republic”

Lyudmyla Chyzhevska – Visiting Professor at VSE

Professor Lyudmyla Chyzhevska teaches at the Department of Accounting at the Zhytomyr Polytechnic State University, Ukraine. She is the sixth generation of Volyn Czechs, she leads the compatriot’s organization and is a tireless promoter of Czech language instruction.

After the outbreak of the Russian aggression in February 2022, Professor Chyzhevska took up the offer to become a visiting professor at VSE, where she immediately became intensively involved in the academic life and in helping the student refugees who arrived at VSE in March of the same year.

Upon her return to Ukraine, her cooperation with VSE continued thanks to the Erasmus+ programme in a three-year exchange project for academics and students from Zhytomyr in the field of finance and accounting.

Lyudmyla Chyzhevska’s work has had a very positive impact, not only in terms of helping refugees at VSE, but also within the expatriate community coming to the Czech Republic. Thanks to the continued cooperation within the Erasmus+ programme, Lyudmyla Chyzhevska continues to spread the good name of VSE and the Czech Republic even after returning to Ukraine.


Czech National Agency for International Education and Research (DZS) is a contributory organization of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Its core activity is the administration of programmes focused on international education and the promotion of Czech education abroad. For more information on DZS activities, please visit this page.

VSE nominated in two categories in the 6th annual “Czech National Agency for International Education and Research Award