Winners of the public competition for the new design of the VŠE merchandise

Last October, we announced an open competition for a new merch design. Not only students and graduates of the school, but also the general public could apply with their design. A lot of suggestions came in through social media, among other means, but most of them were jokes and satire that did not meet the conditions of the competition and were therefore excluded from the competition outright. Nearly thirty proposals were thus put before the committee.

The committee selected the winning proposals by Marek Kosina and Daniel Hamernik. Since the announcement of the competition, we have been working together with Mark and Daniel to ensure that the designs match the school’s brand and that the final version can see the light of day. In the attached photos you can now see the winning designs for the school promotional items, which we are currently working on so that we can present the final design to you as soon as possible.