Refund of Fees for Applicants with Immediate Previous Education in Ukraine

Rector of the Prague University of Economics and Business Petr Dvořák decided, after an agreement with the deans, to refund the fees for the admission procedure and for the Czech language tests to all Ukrainian applicants for studies at the University, who proved that they had studied at Ukrainian secondary schools or universities immediately before coming to the Czech Republic.
A total of 378 persons with Ukrainian citizenship applied for study programmes at VŠE. Some applicants submitted applications to several faculties (506 applications for study were registered). All these applicants had to fulfill the standard conditions of the admission procedure set by the respective faculties, which were approved by the academic senates.

A total of 141 accepted Ukrainians have confirmed their interest in Czech-taught study programmes (101 for bachelors and 40 for masters study programmes), 40 applicants will be enrolled in English-taught study programmes after providing proof of previous education (30 for bachelor’s studies and 15 for master’s studies).

According to special conditions, University also implemented a project to accept students who had already studied at economic universities in Ukraine and who were accepted during the summer semester at VŠE as so-called freemovers. It was a group of 34 students, of which 15 students were admitted to a bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of International Relations and 3 students to master’s study programmes. All students will begin their studies in English, the faculty waiving the tuition fee and providing them with additional teaching in Czech. At the Faculty of Management in Jindřichův Hradec, 6 students were admitted to the bachelor’s degree programme.

In total, VŠE will refund Ukrainian refugees fees in the amount of CZK 623,270 and will provide free studies to almost 200 Ukrainian students admitted from the winter semester 2022/2023.