Month: November 2015

Deputies and Minister of Finance of Slovakia visited the VŠE

On 25th November, 2015, the Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Finance of Slovakia Mr. Peter Kažimír visited the University of Economics, Prague. He gave a presentation on the topic „Fighting Tax Evasion“.

Honoris Causa Title for Professor Richard H. Thaler

On the 10th of December, Professor Richard H. Thaler, American economist, will receive the honorary degree Doctor oeconomiae honoris causa from the rector of the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) professor Hana Machková. Professor Thaler is an internationally renowned scientist in the area of alternative economic approaches to behavioral economics, as well as being one […]

The First VŠE Foreign Alumni Club

The University of Economics, Prague, has a number of graduates who have successfully found professional fulfilment abroad. The first International Club of the VŠE; Alumni Austria, was established on 9th November, 2015, in Austria. Pavel Pachta, CSc., a graduate of the Faculty of Business, was elected president of the club.

The University of Economics, Prague and the Korea Embassy in Prague have organized a seminar

On Friday 13th of November, the Seminar on Privatization of the Countries in Transition took place in premises of the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE). The seminar has been co-hosted by the VŠE and the Government of the Republic of Korea (through its Embassy in Prague).

xPORT Business Accelerator at the TEDxPrague 2015

On 28th October, 2015, the TEDxPrague took place in Prague. The University of Economics, Prague, sent its own representatives to the event, whose objective was to promote the xPORT VŠE Business Accelerator.

Conference Climate and Economy: Presentations

On 30th October, the international conference „Climate and Economy: Turning Problems into Opportunities“ took place at the VŠE. The event was organized under the auspices of the rector of the University of Economics, Prague Prof. Hana Machková, His Excellency, Jean-Pierre Asvazadourian, the Ambassador of France, have also participated in. This conference was organized on the occasion […]