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Corporate Finance and Management Bachelor´s Degree Program

7. 3. 2014 - The full-time Corporate Finance and Management bachelor´s degree program (CFM) taught in English is administrated by The Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Economics, Prague. The objective of CFM program is to educate analytically and socially responsible minded business professionals with a broad economic overview and a focus on managing business performance. More

IBB – Bachelor of International Business

28. 2. 2014 - A full-time International Business bachelor´s degree program taught in English is offered by the Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics, Prague. More

Success of VŠE IM/CEMS program students in the national round of KPMG International Case Competition

28. 2. 2014 - Two teams consisting of VŠE International Management/CEMS program students advanced to this year’s Czech national final of the KPMG International Case Competition. One of them won and will represent our country in the city of Sao Paulo in Brasil in the competition’s international finals. More

Prof. Hana Machková Was Elected a New President of the University of Economics, Prague

24. 2. 2014 - On 24th February 2014, at the University of Economics, Prague, Prof. Hana Machková was elected as the university’s new president. In a secret ballot, she received from VŠE’s Academic Senate 23 votes in the third round. More

University of Economics, Prague hosts EAIE Joint Leadership Meeting

11. 2. 2014 - From February 11th - 14th 2014, the University of Economics, Prague is hosting the EAIE Joint Leadership Meeting.  This key event is held each year in the host city of the EAIE Conference and gives the host an excellent opportunity to showcase its institution to over 80 leaders in the field of higher education from around the world. More

CEMS Master’s Program in International Management

9. 2. 2014 - The Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) offers a full-time, two-year Master’s Program in International Management. The program is taught completely in English.  The application deadline for academic year 2014/2015 is February 28, 2014. More

Participation of VSE in The Global Business Schools E-Fair

6. 2. 2014 - 5. and 6. February 2014, the University of Economics, Prague co-organized the very first online exhibition of business schools The Global Business Schools E-Fair, under the auspices of the CEMS Alliance. More

CEMS Community Cooperation: Faculty Groups

27. 1. 2014 - The cooperation between CEMS - The Global Alliance in Management Education schools has exceeded its original framework based on the CEMS MIM Master in International Management program in recent years.  In addition to the program, the CEMS Alumni enables to CEMS MIM students to stay connected to with the CEMS corporate & social partners.  The opportunities for academic interfaculty cooperation have increased too. This ongoing development represents the basis for new CEMS research and education initiatives. More

Bloomberg Aptitude Test at VŠE Bloomberg Aptitude Test at VŠE

15. 1. 2014 - Miloslav Veselý, graduate of the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE), scored among the top five students in all of Europe, Middle East and Africa on the Bloomberg Aptitude Test. More

Logo VŠE VŠE awarded with ECTS and DS Labels

14. 1. 2014 - President, Prof. Richard Hindls, dr.h.c. received a decision from the European Commission confirming the re-granting of two prestigious awards, the ECTS Label and DS Label for another four-year period. The decision was made on 17 December, 2013 with the certificates validity from 1 January, 2014. More

Social, student and community services, culture and sports at VŠE

21. 12. 2013 - The University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) contributes to its local, national and international community life through a wide range of public activities by organizing educational courses and seminars, scientific conferences, cultural and sports events, as well as supporting charity and fund-raising events. Most of the events are open to the public. More

The Global Business Schools E-Fair

7. 12. 2013 - The Global Business Schools E-fair provides prospective students the benefits of a traditional education fair without the travel. This 24-hour live event will take place on February 5th and 6th of 2014. E-fair is an excellent platform to speak globally with 18 CEMS member schools. The registration is now open. More

European Business Schools Ranking 2013

2. 12. 2013 - The Financial Times published the results of an evaluation of European universities for the year 2013, in which the University of Economics, Prague ranked 75th in Europe. In the ranking of the best European schools, 18 countries are represented but there are only three universities from Central and Eastern Europe. More

CEMS celebrates the 25th anniversary

27. 11. 2013 - CEMS, one of the most appreciated projects of international cooperation among universities and international companies, will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its establishment at the annual conference held in Barcelona on 28 – 30 November 2013. On this occasion, the University of Economics, Prague commemorates the 15th anniversary of its membership in the CEMS alliance. More

4th Annual IB Alumni Club Meeting

25. 11. 2013 - Annual IB Alumni Club meeting was held on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of VSE on Saturday, 23. 11. 2013. More

Successful Cooperation between VŠE and Škoda Auto, a.s.

21. 11. 2013 - On Wednesday, 20 November 2013, in the premises of Škoda Auto in Mladá Boleslav, VŠE’s President Prof. Richard Hindls and Škoda’s Chairman of the Board of Management Prof. Winfried Vahland signed an agreement on partnership and cooperation for another three years. More

Partner Universities Days and the Exchange student’s photo exhibition

16. 11. 2013 - Several events promoting the possibilities of studying abroad will take place From Tuesday 19th November to Friday 29th at VŠE. University visitors may look forward to the Exchange student´s photo exhibition organized by the International Office as well as to the Partner Universities Days. Information stand of the International Office will be prepared for students in the atrium of RB. More

40th anniversary of the international organization PIM

12. 11. 2013 - PIM (Partnership in International Management) was one of the first international networks of management universities. It was founded in 1973 by three prestigious universities: HEC Paris, New York University - Stern School of Business and London Business School. Today PIM has 60 members from 37 countries around the world. VSE has been an active member since 1999. More

Autumn cultural and sport events

24. 10. 2013 - VSE strives to create a friendly environment for students not only for studying, but also for extracurricular activities. During the winter semester it offers to its students and academics opportunity to visit a great number of cultural as well as sport events. More

CEMS Day 2013

20. 10. 2013 - On Wednesday, October 23 from 12:00 till 19:30 there will be the CEMS Day held at Rajská budova. This event is open to all, who are interested in International Management (CEMS MIM) Programme taught in English and who also want to know more about CEMS network. CEMS is the global strategic aliance of 28 business schools and more than 70 multinational companies and 4 non-profit organizations. More

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