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27. 11. 2017 - CEMS Graduation Ceremony in Sydney


1. 12. 2017 - 28. 2. 2018 - Applications for CEMS MIM program

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VŠE again awarded as the "1st Business School in the Eastern European Zone"

6. 11. 2009 - In the EDUNIVERSAL international selection of business schools, the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) again took first place in the Central and Eastern European region. More

CHE ExcellenceRanking 2009 of Economic Universities

31. 10. 2009 - Due to its internationalization and a high-quality research output of its faculty, the University of Economics, Prague, succeeded in a recent ranking conducted by the Centre for Higher Education Development (Das Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung - CHE) based in Germany. The ranking results were published by the Die Zeit magazine. More

Job Fair Šance

25. 10. 2009 - The job fair will take place on November 10th and 11th, 2009 in the Rajská building atrium. 49 companies registered to meet talented students and alumni of the University of Economics, Prague. More

Green week at VŠE

14. 10. 2009 - The week from 19th to 23rd October at VŠE will be "green". The main goal of the event called "Waste sorting week" is to make students and staff aware of the fact, that in the beginning of the new semester, our school had bought in total 104 new bins for sorted and municipal waste. More

CEMS MIM ranked n°1 Master’s in Management in the world

6. 10. 2009 - The Financial Times has rated the CEMS MIM the number one Master’s in Management programme in the world for the first time, with the MIM also emerging as the top programme for combined international results. More

International Board Meeting of Erasmus Student Network at VSE

25. 9. 2009 - Student organization ESN VSE Praha - Buddy System had the pleasure to host International Board Meeting of Erasmus Student Network International (ESN). This meeting was held 22nd - 23rd September 2009 at our university. More

Academic year 2008/2009 at VSE

7. 9. 2009 - The University of Economics, Prague (VSE) dealt with a broad spectrum of activities in academic year 2008/2009. Receiving the prestigious "ECTS Label" and "DS Label" was the biggest international success. Both labels were awarded by the European Commission for correct implementation of The European Credit System and issuing Diploma Supplements to all graduates for the period of 2009-2013. More

Visiting professors in winter semester 2009/2010

19. 6. 2009 - With the support of the Development Project of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the University of Economics, Prague will continue implementing the program "Visits of Foreign Academic Employees at the University" during winter semester. More

Summer schools for international students

11. 6. 2009 - Organizing summer schools for international students is an integral part of the internationalization process of the University of Economics, Prague. Particularly American and French students are interested in studying in Prague. More

Meeting of the CEMS Executive Board at the VŠE

18. 5. 2009 - For the first time since the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) began its membership in CEMS, a meeting of the Executive Board was held in Prague on 14 and 15 May. The proceedings at VŠE were also joined by non-European schools thanks to which, in December 2008, CEMS became a worldwide alliance -The Global Alliance in Management Education. More

The European Commission awarded VŠE both the ECTS Label and DS Label

14. 5. 2009 - The President of the University of Economics, Prague (VŠE) has received a decision from the European Commission about receiving the prestigious "ECTS Label" and "DS Label" awards. More

The 8th European Forum for Science and Technology Prague

4. 5. 2009 - The international conference European Forum for Science and Technology is held on the 28th May 2009. The conference is organized by Česká hlava (Czech Mind) in cooperation with the University of Economics, Prague. The main topic of this yearly international forum is “Science is the driver of innovations”. More

Days of partner universities - possibilities of studying abroad

1. 5. 2009 - Buddy System at the University of Economics, Prague (VSE) together with International Studies Centre organizes 5th Days of partner universities. Days of partner universities inform students of the VSE about possibilities of studying abroad. There are prepared presentations by Czech or international students. More

Goals, Effort and Success!

15. 4. 2009 - Thanks to the insistent effort this year is extremely successful for all ESN CR sections and namely for Buddy System – student organization of the University of Economics which is part of ESN. A member of Buddy System was elected as a president of ESN and the ESN CR got a price as STARland. More

Prague Conference on Political Economy at VSE

9. 4. 2009 - Prague Conference on Political Economy is an international and interdisciplinary gathering of scholars and supporters (not only) of the Austrian School of Economics and political economy of freedom. More


31. 3. 2009 - On Wednesday, 22 April 2009 the sports day will be held at the University of Economics, Prague (VSE). The Centre of Physical Education and Sport (CPES) prepared sports programme for both students and employees of the university. It will include collective games, aerobics and regenerative exercises, swimming and other activities. Rector of the VSE prof.Ing. Richard Hindls, CSc. enunciates the rector's day that is designed for sports activities of students and lecturers of VSE. More

Centre for handicapped students

4. 2. 2009 - Since 2007 the Centre for handicapped students (CHS) is available at the University of Economics, Prague (UEP). The centre offers mainly technical support and consultancy to students with visual and hearing impairments, as well as to physically handicapped students. More

Visiting professors in the spring term

26. 1. 2009 - During the spring term there will be more than 30 host professors from 15 countries teaching in English, French and Russian at the University of Economics, Prague. Lectures in foreign languages offer to students not only an opportunity to get new knowledge but also a possibility to encounter different ways of teaching. More

Science and Research at VŠE

2. 1. 2009 - Science and research activities are implemented in the framework of various research projects and supported by long-term research programmes and grant projects. The specifics of research activities reflect the specialization diversity of different departments and faculties of the University of Economics, Prague. More

CEMS celebrates the 20th anniversary

27. 11. 2008 - CEMS, one of the most appreciated projects of international cooperation among universities and international companies celebrates the 20th anniversary of its establishment. On this occasion the University of Economics, Prague commemorates the 10th anniversary of its membership in the CEMS alliance. More

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