JEL klasifikace: M14 (Corporate Culture; Diversity; Social Responsibility)

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Soňa Gullová:
Flaws in the Social Manners of Czech Managers

Mathias Schüz:
Sustainable Corporate Responsibility - The Foundation of Successful Business in the New Millennium

Martin Lukeš:
Supporting Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Innovation in Organizations

Gina Cook:
The Influence of National Cultural on American Business People – Managerial Implications for Central Europe

Denisa Kasl Kollmannová:
The Growth of Anti-Corruption Attitudes in Czech Marketing Communication and PR: Anti-Corruption Fight as Marketing Tool

Petra Y. Barthelmess, Mathias Schüz, Rainer Fuchs, Dušan Kučera, Markus Prandini:
Different Shades of Green: Comparative Study on Nature Relatedness and Ecologic Consciousness among South Korean, Swiss, and Czech Students

Esther Kessler, Markus Prandini, Juan Wu:
Chinese Companies in Switzerland

Zuzana Křečková Kroupová:
The Latest Trends in the Corporate Sustainability and its Implications for Czech Businesses

Zuzana Křečková Kroupová:
Shared Value and Its Regional and Industrial Reflection in Corporate Projects

Marek Vich:
The Emerging Role of Mindfulness Research in the Workplace and its Challenges

Marek Vich, Marina Y. Kim:

Karel Kňap, Ivan Nový:
Czech Cultural Standards from the Perspective of the Top Management of German Companies

Thomas Schiller:

Jiří Hnilica, Lorraine M. Uhlaner, Ondřej Machek, Ales Kubíček, Martin Lukeš, Martin Jurek, Petra Štamfestová: